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Our playlists are sure to capture your ears. Choose your flavor and press play! We currently have twelve playlists you can choose from. We love new music as much as you love making it, please use our submission channels via Playlists Club or Soundplate. You can also directly submit your music via email as we check our email more frequently.

*Submission Rules Below*


  1. Follow Asha Musica, Fifa Flame & Flavor Records

  2. Follow the Playlist you want to submit your song to

  3. Email us with the following

*Include your Spotify and/or Apple Music Link*

*Include the Spotify or Apple Music Account you followed us from (both are required)*

******* Submissions that don't include either * will be discarded.


Asha Musica:

1. Spotify :

Fifa Flame:

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Flavor Records:

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2. Apple Music:

Thank You,

Flavor Records





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