Asha Musica - Unofficial Music Video Release

Originally Released in late 2020, Asha Musica releases an Unofficial Visual of her song Change.

Realizing she was overwhelmed with issues in life and love, Asha reflects and expresses she no longer wants to self-medicate to cope with issues in her life. She chooses to work on inner peace which calls for her higher self, self-reflection, and meditation. Because she failed to focus on herself, her love life would often spiral. Reciprocal love would always be within arms' reach but never close enough. Her lover would often break all the rules in their relationship, she would forgive them and she would again find herself in the same predicament. As if on a cyclical path, she forgave, accepted, and trusted The "same old thing." Her lover never changed and she eventually changed for both of them.

Asha explains, "We're only getting older, don’t you want someone true? The colder they were toward me the more fed up I would get until I had to change for myself. Though I love you very much, I had to leave for my sanity. I changed, I changed for you. Maybe not the change you were expecting but I changed not only for you but to teach myself what I deserve and teach you to live without me. I had to leave my feelings where he physically left me. Change begins at the end of your comfort zone."

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

― Leo Tolstoy





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