Asha Musica - Releases 'DND'

The Flavor Records heartbreak kid enters 2022 by releasing her second record of the year, "Do Not Disturb (DND)". Once again, this is a collaboration between Asha Musica and Fifa Flame of Flavor Records. Fifa Flame co-produced DND with Bradley Baker of Bocaj Records.

'DND' tells Asha Musica's story of learning the true meaning of love; finding a person who won't disturb your peace. The only person who can truly give you peace in love is someone who won't disturb you with their doubts or burden you with their insecurities.

It takes time for people to love themselves and work on themselves before they can truly love others. "Love is always here and not earned," meaning no one is flawless.

When you truly value yourself, loving others is easy for you. When you are at peace with your mind, body, and spirit, you will be a happier person, and the world will be a more peaceful place.






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