In addition to being signed to Flavor Records, Fifa Flame has kicked off her indie tour entitled 'Got Flavor?' . She uses this segment of her tour to showcase up-and-coming artists. 'Got Flavor?' is run showcase style and will allow up-and-coming artists a platform to build their brand. It will include interviews, a volume playlist, giveaways, and networking opportunities with special guests you don't want to miss. Stay and network because it is to your advantage. You never know who in the room has flavor already. The first 'Got Flavor' show sold over 200 tickets. So, put your game face on, and let's hit the turf. After all, you have to get it out of the mud for it to be worth it! 'Flavor' aka 'Got Flavor?' is coming to a city and college near you. You can join this tour as an artist or sponsor if you 'Got Flavor?'.